retargeting 1

Are you currently missing the opportunity to target those individuals who visited your website but didn’t opt in or contact you?

  That is where PME comes in and shows your ads to  those individuals so they are likely to spend their money with you.

98% of people don’t engage on the first visit to a website.

It generally takes 8-11 impressions (times your ad is viewed by an individual) before it sticks in someones brain.


Facebook Retargeting –     When customers leave your web site without converting
we serve your ads to them
on Facebook.

Dynamic Retargeting –     Bring back lost shoppers by showing them ads featuring the actual products they viewed.

Display(Web) Retargeting-     Web retargeting lets you retarget lost customers across all major display exchanges with ease.

Twitter Retargeting-     When customers leave your web site without converting we tell Twitter to include that person in your tailored audience… Then they get perfect Promoted Tweets, straight from you.